9th Edition: Outlook 2021-2023 - Meeting Industry and High-end tourism markets

Published annually

Editor and Publisher: EMI - Eureka Mice International Ltd


To provide its customers with useful information to guide their promotional and commercial strategies, since 2011 Eureka Mice International has been preparing annually forecasts and analyzes  on trends  of the various MICE and high-end tourism market niches.

This work is based on the markets monitoring activity undertaken constantly by Eureka Mice International  with studies and buyer interviews and with analysis of the most accredited studies, researches and statistics carried out on the markets.

Having exclusively marketing purposes, this activity is carried out on the Market Demand. For this reason, sometimes it can present some differences with other studies and researches that are carried out in relation to the Market Supply.

9th Meeting Industry Outlook 2021 - 2023 - Report